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Where are Ellen, Beyonce, and RBG???

Due to requests from a few of the living women depicted in the deck, we had to remove a few of our more popular women (including RBG, Beyonce, and Ellen) but that gave us space to include some other amazing women.

Where can I buy the cards in person?

There are number of brick-and-mortar shops carrying The Woman Cards. In Iowa City, they are carried by Textiles, Prairie Lights, and Raygun. In New York City, they are carried by The Strand.

I thought your second edition was going to feature 54 women?

We did too! Until we tried playing with a prototype. We found it to be very difficult having a different woman across all four suits. Not impossible to play with, but definitely distracting. We decided to stick with a design where each woman appears in all four suits.

So will there be more decks?

We're planning on it. We're hoping to have a bridge set available early in 2017, and we're exploring themed decks, like a "women in science/math/tech" deck and a "women in arts/sports/entertainment" deck, etc.

My question wasn't answered. Who should I talk to?

Email us! We are typically very punctual at responding to email. You can reach us at info@thewomancards.com