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Where are Ellen, Beyonce, and RBG???

Due to requests from a few of the living women depicted in the deck, we had to remove a few of our more popular women (including RBG, Beyonce, and Ellen) but that gave us space to include some other amazing women.

Where can I buy the cards in person?

There are number of brick-and-mortar shops carrying The Woman Cards. In Iowa City, they are carried by Textiles, Prairie Lights, and Raygun. In New York City, they are carried by The Strand.

I thought your second edition was going to feature 54 women?

We did too! Until we tried playing with a prototype. We found it to be very difficult having a different woman across all four suits. Not impossible to play with, but definitely distracting. We decided to stick with a design where each woman appears in all four suits.

Do any of the proceeds support women's causes?

Yes! Funds from the first edition helped support Zach's travel to the Democratic National Convention as a pledged delegate for Hillary Clinton and helped Zebby finish her Bachelor's. We were also able to make a significant contribution to Secretary Clinton's 2016 campaign for President. Funds from the second edition were used to help support people from Iowa traveling to Washington DC for the 2017 Women's March. Our third printing hasn't yet made a profit, but we are absolutely planning to make sure a healthy portion is donated to good causes in support of women's rights.

My question wasn't answered. Who should I talk to?

Email us! We are typically very punctual at responding to email. You can reach us at info@thewomancards.com