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Where are Ellen, Beyonce, and RBG???

Due to requests from a few of the living women depicted in the deck, we had to remove a few of our more popular women (including RBG, Beyonce, and Ellen) but that gave us space to include some other amazing women.

Will my order arrive in time for Christmas?

That's the plan! We're working overtime with our manufacturing and shipping teams to get everything out the door the week of December 12, which should give it plenty of time to arrive by then.

I thought your second edition was going to feature 54 women?

We did too! Until we tried playing with a prototype. We found it to be very difficult having a different woman across all four suits. Not impossible to play with, but definitely distracting. We decided to stick with a design where each woman appears in all four suits.

So will there be more decks?

We're planning on it. We're hoping to have a bridge set available early in 2017, and we're exploring themed decks, like a "women in science/math/tech" deck and a "women in arts/sports/entertainment" deck, etc.

My question wasn't answered. Who should I talk to?

Email us! We are typically very punctual at responding to email. You can reach us at info@thewomancards.com