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Second Printing of The Woman Card[s]

Second Printing of The Woman Card[s]

Second Printing of The Woman Card[s]


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The second printing of the wildly popular The Woman Card[s] is now in stock!

Each deck features fifteen original, hand-drawn portraits of American women who changed the world, even though the deck was stacked against them. The illustrations were created by Zebby Wahls, a proud feminist and a BFA candidate at the University of Iowa, and the cards are Made in America. 

The second printing features an updated lineup reflecting the wishes of some living women not to be depicted in the deck. The new additions (which we are very excited about!) are bolded below:

Ace: Hillary Clinton
King: Shirley Chisholm
Queen: Eleanor Roosevelt
Jack: Sacagawea
10: Sylvia Rivera
9. Patsy Mink
8. Sojourner Truth
7. Mary Cassatt 
6. Susan B. Anthony
5. Wilma Rudolph 
4. Rosa Parks 
3. Gertrude Stein
2. Cecilia Payne
Big Joker: Lucille Ball
Small Joker: Phyllis Diller

Each woman appears in all four suits, except the Jokers—Lucille Ball and Phyllis Diller—for a full deck of 54 cards. Further, each woman's rank or number corresponds to a fact from her biography. You can try to figure it out for yourself, or you can click on "Learn more about the women" above to see the connections for yourself. 

We are currently shipping on a three-day rolling basis, so after you have placed your order, your cards will be in the mail soon. They should arrive in no later than 5-7 business days.

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